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Silbernagel Ranch

Beaver Creek Rewilding


Protect and expand herds of Nokota and Medicine Hat Horses, and document their unique role in supporting a mixed native prairie habitat and crop rotation system.
The Silbernagels are 3rd generation farmers/ranchers from North Dakota. Their love and respect for God’s earth and the importance of working hard started at a young age.

In 1981, Paul established his own farming and ranching operation when he purchased his first piece of land. Paul has served on the Board of Directors for several state and local 
organizations and businesses.

Over the years, the Silbernagels acquired additional properties to grow their acreage and operation. They consider it a privilege to be stewards of the land, and they are extremely grateful for this blessing.
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For the past 30 years, they have been caring for and boarding two hundred plus wild horses, including horses for RAN, and four hundred head of cattle. They believe in reusing and recycling products including buildings, bridges, and equipment. Their goal is to leave the world in better condition than when he came into it.

Their two daughters and their families are their highest priority. They believe in passing on his knowledge, values, and skills to his family, employees, and any individuals who are interested in learning about his farming and ranching practices.


Rewilding America Now is supporting the Silbernagels' efforts to conserve their herd of Nokota Horses as well as our own Medicine Hat Horses, recently delivered from the BLM holding facilities. Both breeds carry special significance among Native Americans. 

RAN is carrying out research to measure carbon sequestration through free-roaming herds of herbivores in native prairie habitat.

RAN is also building educational programs to involve youth, researchers and ranchers in studying the unique combination of wild horses, rotational crops & native prairie. 

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Intercultural partnership is at the heart of our work.

If you’d like to learn more about our projects and participate, please contact us here

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