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Brownotter Ranch

Rewilding on the Grand River


Through Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), our project will deepen the connection between people, wild horses and buffalo, open up research on keystone species and prairie ecosystems, deliver education for Native American youth and effectuate healing and ceremony.

LIVE CAMPAIGN: Support Our Dakota Horses

Adopt and name your own horse! Our wild horses are located in North and South Dakota. You have the opportunity to create a lasting and meaningful relationship with one of these beautiful animals.

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Navajo Nation, the Brownotters founded the largest Native American-owned buffalo ranch in the U.S. and have been progressively restoring thousands of acres of native grassland with the buffalo as free-roaming of native herbivores.
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Rewilding America Now has released a herd of wild horses rescued from the BLM roundups to manage, monitor and care for. They will share pristine, native, and wildlife-rich prairie habitat with a band of buffalo.

Rewilding America Now is applying both TEK and Western science to:

  • Document the role of megaherbivore keystone species 

  • Create habitat for biodiversity and mitigate climate change 

  • Foster innovative conservation business models

  • Build cultural, educational, medicinal and spiritual well-being to future Native American generations

Rewilding America Now visits the Brownotters and signs a Memorandum of Understanding.

If you’d like to learn more about our projects and participate, please contact us here

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