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What We Do

Educate, Legislate and Effectuate

Our mission at Rewilding America Now is to conserve and restore the North American landscape through rewilding initiatives, with a focus on wild horses as a keystone species.

We believe that using wild horses for rewilding initiatives can improve the overall health and vitality of North American grasslands.

Using science-backed research and partnerships with tribal nations and incorporating traditional ecological knowledge, we advocate for public policy that protects wild horses and allocates new resources for breakthrough rewilding projects.

Our goal is to go beyond the preservation of horses and habitats by delivering unique benefits such as carbon sequestration, educational programs, and rural economic growth for the benefit of all species and people.

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We are working to create sustainable solutions to the wild horse and climate crisis. 

The Issues:

  • Taxpayers are burdened to pay for wild horse roundups, slaughter, transportation, and herd management on public lands, in large part, under the erroneous belief that horses are invasive and provide little value to the land.

  • Intensive, unsustainable land use over the centuries and worsening climate change has left large areas of the Great Basin under a 'Megadrought'.

  • Current law does not provide incentives for rewilding horses nor is there synergy with existing conservation and renewable energy incentives.

The Solutions:

  • Putting your dollars to a better, sustainable use that will benefit everyone.


  • Land conservation.


  • Species conservation.


  • Transition to a lower-carbon economy by helping establish lands suitable for renewable energy development.

  • Modern science supports the truth - that wild horses are native to North America and their presence positively contributes to grassland ecology.

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