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Birch Creek Valley


We seek to actively foster and restore the functionality of ecological processes and systems on a landscape that connects Yellowstone to Central Idaho. Our aim is to create 70,000 Acres of wild nature, set native wild horses as integral components of the ecosystem, lead groundbreaking scientific research and rewilding education, and build local businesses and tourism.

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1. Reconnect the functionality of the Wildlife Corridor between the Yellowstone Ecosystem and Central Idaho.

2. Restore the functionality of the now diminished biotic community in the region by replacing non-native herbivores with those that evolved with the native flora of the region.

3. Foster a local economically stable enterprise.

4. Promote ecological science that is equitable and just and recognizes the contributions and rights of Native Americans in the region.


Rewilding Birch Creek 

Birch Creek Valley is the keystone to connecting Yellowstone National Park to the Frank Church Wilderness Area – the two largest nature reserves in the U.S. – to expand wildlife migration across the central Rockies and into Canada’s Yukon Territory in support of the Y2Y initiative.

Ensuring local people and communities benefit economically and culturally from
the recovery of local wild nature is a pillar of the Birch Creek project. Such efforts include developing and celebrating sustainable tourism. We partner with local operators and help local entrepreneurs develop and offer nature-based activities, and increasing the national and international visibility of the landscape by enhancing its wild nature.
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