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Support Rewilding America Now

LIVE CAMPAIGN: Free A Wild Horse Forever

YOU can free a wild horse forever by releasing it into its natural habitat.

YOU not only give that horse its life and freedom back.

YOU will help to create Rewilding habitats that will save and protect other species of animals and plant life necessary for all of our survival.

Putting your dollars to a better, sustainable use.

Support Rewilding at Birch Creek Valley

Support All Rewilding America Now Initiatives

Rewilding America Now is a non-profit organization under IRS § 501(c)3.

PO Box 674 Locust Valley, NY 11560

We’re committed to transparency and our mission to save our #WildOnes, that’s why we received a "Platinum" Transparency rating from GuideStar and four starts from Charity Navigator, the world’s leading sources for information about non-profit organizations.

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