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Generation RAN offers an opportunity to educate young people about rewilding and the importance of the natural world for their survival.

Meet the founding members


“You don’t have to die to see heaven”


Danny Singh

Danny Singh’s creative vision is unlike any other. The genre bending work of Danny Singh’s newest project “SENSORAMA” takes on a new meaning as he teams up with Rewilding America Now to help spread the message of protecting America’s wild horses.


Hailing from Queens, New York with his Guyanese parents and two brothers, Danny’s music is an ode to the streets which he came from as well as this upbringing.


As a child, Danny and his two brothers spent many years traveling with their parents to countries all over the world teaching the youth and giving back to the community.


Now he has taken out he has done as a child a step further and teamed up with Rewilding America Now to help spread their messaging through music, visual content, and clothing.


As Danny was growing up he garnered much attention from the fashion industry as a model. Danny has now been able to take his experience in the fashion industry to give back as well.


He is dropping a hoodie pants set for this project called “SENSORAMA by Generation Cana”. Danny is the first young ambassador to take on the responsibility for saving America’s wild horses.


He hopes SENSORAMA will be a wakeup call to his generation to get up and REWILD.

“Sensorama” is an immersive experience that takes you to another world to see what things could look like if society doesn’t change. This project is meant to spread the meaning of rewilding through visual and sonic messaging. Sensorama is curated to appeal to younger generations as a call to action to awaken the passion in young people to take part in the conservation of the earth for future generations. Mother nature is at the mercy of humanity, Earth’s survival depends on younger generations taking action to prevent further damage.

Sabrina Kalimian 

Sabrina once an avid rider, competing on several hunter jumper circuits, and an advocate for horses and animals is now a driven and determined music industry professional in A&R talent discovery, artist development, marketing and content creation.


Sabrina brings her unique combination of advocacy and creative talents and skills to create the launch of Generation Cana.


Juan David Granja Zambrano

Born in Queens, NY, Castro lived in Ecuador from 2 to 5 years old, then in Florida from 5 to 10, and then returned to NY from 10-23 years old. He attended a high school of art and design and then he moved to Los Angeles working in retail, dog walking, as a doorman and mover. He began an art journey refurnishing furniture with his mother, working graffiti in middle school, drawing and painting in high school with the intention of becoming a graphic designer. Today he has found his dream as a professional photographer. 

He has shot with Wiz Khalifa, PnB Rock, Lil Gotit, Burna Boy, Jay Critch, Rico Nasty, Shenseea, Hit-Boy, Dreezy, Desiree Schlotz, Flo Milli, Snoop Dogg, and Tai Verdes. 

As a well-rounded artist that ready to execute basically any artistic project that comes his way, his passion converges around art. 

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