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Together we can Rewild our world for the future

Rewilding is a key component for conserving ecosystems and habitats, and protecting native species critical to our survival.

Wild horses play a key role in creating rewilding initiatives.


Where wild horses live with America's iconic wildlife in the Yellowstone-Idaho Rockies corridor

Where wild horse and buffalo herds meet in the native prairie of Standing Rock

Where Nokota horses roam freely among seasonal crops and native Dakota prairie


Rewilding new and existing lands by building partnerships with tribes, landowners and local actors.

Creating legislative policies to protect wild horses and our lands. 

It is thought that the horse at some point left North America, and the horse that returned thousands of years later was a different species.

We now know this to be false.

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Rewilding America Now Credentials

Rewilding America Now is a non-profit organization under IRS § 501(c)3.

PO Box 674 Locust Valley, NY 11560

We’re committed to transparency and our mission to save our #WildOnes, that’s why we received a “Platinum” rating from GuideStar and a "95%" rating from Charity Navigator, the world’s leading sources for information about non-profit organizations.

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