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Carbon Horsepower

Our in-house ecologists have determined the following:

The average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of a passenger vehicle equal 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year (Tailpipe Greenhouse Gas Emissions From a Typical Passenger Vehicle, June 2023, EPA). For our project sites, 1 "rewilded" horse can help sequester 20-30 tons CO2 per year. 

Thus, 1 horse equals to 4-5 cars being taken off the road. 

How it works

Pic 3.png

Our free-roaming horses need to find a balanced relationship with their environment. Climate, soil and grassland conditions vary across locations, thus each horse will be given a different acreage to achieve this balance. 

Free-roaming herbivores are essential for activating carbon sequestration in grasslands. Through grazing native grass and producing excreta, they fertilize and stabilize the soil, reduce the risk of wildfires by removing 'fuel' and bring in pollinators, microbiota, insects, birds and mammals.

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